Migliore Ltd Available in Atlanta

After a lifetime of creating fine quality jewelry for a discerning clientele and 24 years in the same Buckhead location, Wynn Henderson and Don Montgomery have moved the Migliore, Ltd. custom design studio to the Mednikow jewelry store located across Peachtree Road from Lenox Square.

There you will find featured our own creations and selections of jewelry that is the "Migliore Look." Combined with the Mednikow diamond, precious color and high fashion jewels, both traditional and cutting edge, gives you an expanded world of possibilities to explore. Migliore's clientele can still expect the same expertise in design, execution, appraisal, and repairs as in the past as the same staff is still with us.

"Joining 123-year-old Mednikow Jewelers in our newly reopened Atlanta store is a perfect match for the two of us," says fifth-generation jeweler Jay Mednikow. "Wynn and Don have our beautiful showroom for meeting their customers, but they don't have to be present every minute of every day, because the Mednikow staff will be there to serve their customers when they are not available."

Wynn Henderson looks up from her desk in the former Migliore Ltd. showroom.

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