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Mednikow Jewelers has been named by Town & Country magazine as one of America’s Leading Independent Jewelers and is the only jeweler listed in Tennessee or Georgia. ■ Mednikow is pleased to bring its national reputation for the world’s most beautiful designer jewelry and finely crafted custom pieces, as well as a collection of important diamonds and gemstones to Nashville. ■ Throughout the year, the best and brightest jewelry designers, as well as new, emerging talents will be introduced at trunk shows. ■ Founded in 1891, Mednikow is a fifth-generation family-owned and Tennessee-based business. The Nashville store is located at 2160 Bandywood Drive in Green Hills until Mednikow’s flagship store opens in early 2018 on Hillsboro Pike.



Tuesdays–Fridays: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Jade Trau Spring Trunk Show

Personal Appearances

Annie Fensterstock

Myriam Gumuchian

Katherine Jetter

Jade Trau

May 5–6

Join us for cocktails and an informal reception in honor of the designers Katherine Jetter on Friday evening from 5 pm until 7 pm.

Myriam Gumuchian

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Annie Fensterstock

Annie photo

Annie necklacePlease describe your workspace when you create? I fabricate jewelry in my basement studio, but these days I spend most of my time designing jewelry at my dining room table where I’m surrounded by lots of large windows and bright light.

What is it about your jewelry that makes you happy? The process of designing jewelry is what makes me the happiest. I actually enjoy it so much that I almost feel guilty doing it!

If you weren’t making jewelry, what would you be making? Paintings, or illustrations. When I went to art school, I wanted to illustrate children’s books.

How did you become a designer? My grandmother was an incredible artist and taught me how to draw and paint at an early age. My mother was an art teacher so I was surrounded by art materials my entire life. I always knew I would do something art related and went to art school and sort of fell into jewelry. Fell in love instantly.

Best advice you’ve ever received? If you’re going to major in Metalwork and Jewelry Design, learn how to make a wedding band.

Colors that make you happy? Fuschia, orange, red . . . most colors really!

What’s the most important thing life has taught you? Don’t sweat the small stuff . . . and always listen.

What about your life has been a complete surprise? Moving back to the town I grew up in. I think that makes me a “townie.”

Katherine Jetter

Katherine model

Katie Model 001

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What’s your favorite, go-to creative outlet when you are not designing jewelry?
I love to cook. Hosting friends and family around a dinner table in laughter and good conversation is pure joy to me.

Jewelry you are most likely to wear every day? I wear everything I create. Whether I am dressed to the nines or in a white t-shirt and jeans. I design sophisticated and feminine jewelry that are everyday wearable.

No jewelry wardrobe is complete without? A complete look, necklace, earrings and ring!

Can you describe your studio workspace for us? My studio is located in downtown Santa Fe in a historical building. It has a loft-like aesthetic with open exposed ceilings, white walls, white floors, old-world hardwood features.

Classic Opal Earrings ED818-min

What inspires you? The stones inspire me the most. Each stone is so unique, it never gets boring. I have built my career as a leading opal expert and opal jeweler. I have worked—literally—alongside the miners over the past 10 years. These special, trusting relationships have granted me access to exceptional stones and materials that far exceed the usual Opal.

Best advice given to you—ever!? Be brave. Take risks!

Colors that make you happy? Blues, greens and reds . . . the color flashes found in Australian opals!

What’s the most important thing life has taught you?
Be the best at what you do and master of your field. No one can argue with the facts, so know what you're talking about before you set out.

Myriam Gumuchian

Myriam photo

Myriam 1

When not designing beautiful jewelry, my go-to “just for fun” creative outlet is . . . TRAVELLING with family and friends or spending weekends with friends.

Jewelry you are most likely to wear everyday: I wear my New moon diamond earrings every day as well as my G boutique Kelly pendant and Nutmeg stacking ring.

No jewelry wardrobe is complete without? Something beautiful around your neck . . .

Myriam 2What is your studio where you create like? We create everywhere. The idea can come while doodling in the bus or subway, during our travels, or at our desk. My sister's desk is extremely neat whereas mine is always messy!

How did you become a designer? I was born into it. My background has always been diamonds and precious gems as that was my father and grandfather’s trade dating back over 100 years ago and designing fine jewelry became one of my mother's passions so she convinced both my sister and I to join her and the rest is history . . .

Jade Trau

Jade 1

No jewelry wardrobe is complete without?
Diamond earrings.

What is your studio where you create like? It’s sort of a nomad’s studio . . . my office tends to get a bit distracting since we are a small team and I always have my hands in lots of things. So, when I go into creative mode, it usually happens at my kitchen table at 1 am.

What is it about your jewelry that makes you happy? It’s easy to wear, easy to layer, is subtle, and yet makes a big statement. It’s just the right riff on classic diamond jewelry.

Jade 2

Colors that make you happy? Olive green, navy blue, and the right kind of orange.

What’s the most important thing life has taught you? Be confident and follow your heart because no one is going to do it for you!

What has your work as an artist taught you that has carried over into your personal life?
Patience . . . just when you are so frustrated and you feel like it will never happen, the breakthrough happens.

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