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Who we are... and aren’t

Over the last 128 years we’ve had plenty of time to grow into a rare and remarkable kind of store. We’ve learned what’s the most important to us... is also most important to you.

Beauty. Quality. Integrity. Imagination.

These are the four words that define us. And these four words are what you will experience when you shop with us.

What we are not is a needlessly expensive, luxury brand-name store with a massive national ad campaign. We are not a corporate managed mall store. We are not an impersonal discount dealer on the internet. And we certainly are not newcomers to the world of beautiful jewelry.

What we are is a well-established, family owned jewelry store with an international reputation for excellence. Established in 1891, it has been our joy to serve generations of customers, making us truly a family business in more ways that one! And in this moment, it’s important to know we are a store uniquely qualified to provide the very best diamond for the very best price. In fact we purchase our diamonds from the same suppliers that everyone else does in today’s global markets. The difference is that we know diamonds and choose every diamond carefully and selectively before it can ever be offered for sale to our customers.

Even with the most reliable, highly preferred certifications, no two diamonds are alike, just as no two customers are alike. We understand diamonds and beautiful jewelry and embody the values that you might have a right to expect from your jeweler.

That’s who we are.

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