Portrait of a Mednikow Diamond

The search for truly beautiful diamonds is a wonderful and treasured partnership we are honored to share with our customers. Aided by our lifetimes of experience and expertise, we vet every diamond before it is provided to our customers to ensure that it sparkles with lively character and exceptional beauty.

A certain truth reveals itself each time our customers come in to select a diamond: One special diamond will speak to that individual—because that diamond truly IS different from any other diamond. Even with identical certifications from reliable and highly preferred labs no two diamonds are alike. The paperwork may be the same but differences will be discernible. And no wonder! Every diamond is created by varying natural conditions before being changed yet again by human hands.

Before a diamond is placed in our case, my father and I look through and reject thousands of diamonds graded with precisely the same high marks. Why? Because experience has taught us that reliance on certifications alone will never guarantee the appearance of a diamond. It could be vibrant and full of sparkle, or conversely it could be dull and lifeless.

A Mednikow Diamond is a diamond we feel is worthy of our family name, a diamond we are proud to offer to our customers and one we know will steal their heart with its beauty just as it stole ours!

Mednikow Diamond